Don’t look down

I used to be debilitatingly afraid of heights. I could barely walk on the top story of the mall without physical skin pain. Overtime of purposely putting myself into situations that made me uncomfortable I overcame it, mostly. I trained my brain to believe that falling wasn’t an option and to put it out of my mind’s space.

Owning a business takes that kind of brain training. Setting the fears aside and moving forward as if they don’t exist. Sometimes it feels like I keep my brain bubble wrapped even. If I give the fears, negative comments, the overwhelming responsibility, the expectations, or the uncertainty the space it wants I would crumble. It’s the feeling you get when you stand on the deck of the Space Needle. You can practically see the whole world out in front of you, but if you give the heights and fear power, if you look down, insecurity will consume you.

Every business coach book I’ve read talks about a time when their clients have feared success. I haven’t found clarity in the why of that from any of them, but sometimes I feel that. My life has felt like a staircase. After a couple steps up I get a little winded, start to feel out of shape, so I stay on the landing for a bit to acclimate, to catch my breath, hand it all back to God, and when I feel like I’ve hit a new status quo, I climb a little more. Most of the time the staircase feels safe, like it’s inside of a thick concrete shaft safe away from the elements, but every once in awhile, if I forget the blinders, I get a glimpse over the edge and grab the handrail. But one foot in front of the other I keep climbing. 

So when you ask me how I do all of the things, this is all I have for you. Put your blinders on, don’t look back and don’t look down. Think about the worst thing that could happen, make peace with that and take away its power over you. Learning to live in the journey has been the most encouraging part of this adventure.

Me- jumping off a second story height landing into a pool. Tough Mudder.
Don’t look down

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