Prepare your pantry with the Summer of Preparedness Canning Workshops

Learn to can veggies, soups, pickles and more.

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that commercial food systems can be unsustainable and basic homesteading knowledge is important. Amidst fear of lockdowns, grocery shelves were picked over and distribution challenges were faced by all.

The Barn and Pantry in Dixon opened in 2018, following many years of homesteading practice by it’s owner Lindsey Hickman. Since then, she has assembled a team of local farmer and food artisans, offering preserving, canning and other homesteading skills classes, equipping customers with tools to become more self-sustainable.

“This summer it means just a little more to be able to teach these skills that I learned from my Grandma to others,” says Hickman, “I believe we can improve our immunity with our relationship with food. We live in a mecca for organic, truly local produce and if we can teach people to gather what is in season, preserve it for when it’s not, we can help people embark on the amazing path of a whole food lifestyle.”

The Barn and Pantry has launched a series of workshops calle Summer of Preparedness, class they say will empower you with all you need to know about putting up produce without the chemicals, manufacturing plants and those aluminum cans. Don’t worry about stocking up your pantry in the event of future lockdowns, be confident that you have the nutritious variety your family needs when you need it. 

Each class will offer a base class price that includes one jar of whatever we are canning, with the option of adding on a case of 12 to stock your pantry with. The price includes all instruction, materials, organic local produce and dependable glass canning jars with lids.

All classes will be hosted in our outdoor covered space using outdoor camp stoves and social distancing will be maintained at all times. 

For July:

Green Bean and Corn Canning: Learn to pressure can food without the manufacturing plants and aluminum cans.

Pickling Cucumbers: It’s peak cucumber season, put away pickles for your entire year. Chose from Dill, Sweet and Bread and Butter for your take home

Fruit Jam and Jelly Making: Learn the difference between jelly and jam and how to make both

Half Day Canning Workshop: Canning, Fermenting, Pickling, Jam/Preserves

Soup Making: Make three soup varieties that will make you never want commercially canned soup again.

Click classes and events for the full calendar and links to sign up. Or go directly to to purchase tickets.


Prepare your pantry with the Summer of Preparedness Canning Workshops

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