It took a bachelorette party to realize we need another Women in Business mixer.

This past weekend I went on a bachelorette mini vacation to celebrate another business woman in Dixon. Turns out, five of the 12 women on the trip owned and operated their own business. 

We met up Friday, with big plans, ready to take on the next 60 hours of freedom. 

What can you expect from a party planned by a handful of women who run S*!t? Perfection, that’s what you can expect. A mansion in the woods, enough charcuterie to feed 100 people for a week, gourmet breakfast/lunch/dinner menus, a full liquor cabinet that includes all the freshly juiced mimosa fruits and large selection of wine, party favors, tshirts, games, kayaks, paddleboards. All of it.

Charcuterie is life.

Saturday morning, most of us were up and dressed by 8am, coffee and mimosas in hand, hoping to catch a few minutes of fresh mountain air and, you guessed it, get some work done. Even with the best of intentions of leaving work at home, there were laptops, iPhones, sales app check-ins, and the bride even had to set her alarm to make sure she could disarm her store alarm should she need to. Around 10am, everyone harassed each other to stop working, really projecting our own self convictions on each, and the work went under the bed like the lurking monster it tends to be.

With ambition comes the tendency to want to fill every moment with a planned relaxing activity. Turns out, the kayaks and paddle boards never got unstrapped from the vehicles because we all truly needed a weekend of nothing but eating and laughing. Conversations consisted of the stress of distance learning, having to micromanage husbands with kids and in life, frustrations of a robbed summer, and concerns about the future. It was in observing these vent sessions that I realized we need another Women in Business Mixer. The isolation of this season has magnified the pressure of entrepreneurship causing a level of adrenal burnout even the most regimented of yogis can’t fight off alone.

Breakfast charcuterie too.

I should tell the story of how the attack of the meat bees caused a set of keys to be locked in the car as we packed to head home Sunday. How the five business women jumped into action determined to use a coat hanger and a butter knife to slim-jim the door lock. How we used multiple tools to then try to break the window (after googling the cheapest one to replace of course) including one of those emergency window breakers that your husband/dad bought, but you only have in case you see a dog locked in an unattended car. How we were finally able to get a hold of a locksmith after determining “they just don’t make glass like 2008 Toyota glass anymore”. But I think you get the picture. Women do the things. Whatever the things are that need to be done. And what we need to do is gather in support of each other following the crap sandwich we have been served this summer.

So mark your calendar for October 15th, 5:30pm

$20 per person will include charcuterie, iced tea, a CBD infused lavender lemonade and a local relaxation swag bag. Discounted wine and mocktails will be available as well. We will host this event indoors and outdoor patio so there will be plenty of space to keep as much social distance as you feel comfortable with. Purchase your ticket here!

Happy Wedding Month Haley!
It took a bachelorette party to realize we need another Women in Business mixer.

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