Please don’t let shutdowns lead to layoffs for us.


As we head into the holiday season, we regret that we are having to cut staff hours following the new State mandates. The 10pm curfew and only outdoor dining mandate may not seem that severe, however, anytime there is a new mandate we inevitably see a tank in walk in sales. People just don’t go out of their homes like they do for coffee and farm-direct groceries like they do when the State feels less restrictive. This means more than half of our kitchen and waitstaff hours are lost and we hate that. Many of whom exhausted their unemployment before coming to work for us during the first shutdowns are ineligible for more support.

You can help put a stop to this with us.
#1- We still offer grocery delivery. The-Barn-and-Pantry.square.siteIf we can beef this service up the way you supported us in April-July, we could even offer MORE hours to our staff. Did you know we hired three people during the initial Covid shutdowns? And we kept even more of our friends supplemented when they had been laid off from other jobs!

#2- We have added easy mobile ordering for ALL MEAL SERVICES now. Same link, click mobile order. I just got most of the menu items uploaded, but this will continue to be tweaked for a bit until we get it right!

#3 Tomorrow is a great opportunity to come out and support more than 60 small businesses at our annual Holiday Shop Dixon Vendor event. Make sure to plan your day in Dixon tomorrow, November 21. After perusing vendors make sure to visit Pip Wine Bar, Uptown Collective, Dixon Florist, Mother house plant boutique and eat dinner at one of the many restaurants! Join us in the parking lot that we share with Frosty (perfect walk & eat food too!)Plus, this is an all outdoor shopping, and is safer than any indoor box store/mall/shopping center!

#4 Continue to share our emails and posts with your friends! We still get new customers everyday who say “How long have you been here? We had no idea you existed! And after three years in business, we are happy to hear that. It means we can continue to grow in our community along with travelers through town.

I want to close with one last thing. We know we have a solid group of loyal customers who we are so grateful to know will keep our business going, so there is no worry of closing for us. However, we don’t want to barely get through this because there is a trickle down of people we support with our store sales. We ask that you help us continue to help them.

GIVEAWAY: Put in a grocery or mobile food order BY NOON TODAY and we will give away THREE Eatwell Farm Produce Boxes for you to pick up this afternoon(or we will deliver with your groceries!)

Please don’t let shutdowns lead to layoffs for us.

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