More than an endless cycle of dieting and weight obsession

I was flipping through Instagram this evening when I saw a photo of someone where there was a comment that complimented her weight loss. I clicked her account and scrolled her photos to see that she had fluctuated 20-30 lbs up and down over the last several years, had lots of posts of healthy meals, exercise routines and general life. She reminded me of myself, and made me think of how I have gone through all the same cycles. It feels like no matter what phase I am in, I’m always in some sort of weight loss phase. It made me think about when I was running half marathons and obsessing over every meal and workout until I was burnt out and moved on to something else, gained some weight back until I felt like I needed to diet again.

Let me tell you something peeps!

What we really all want is to feel good.

And right now, we are all living in a state of adrenal fatigue, if not burnout, following a year of trauma like none have experienced in their lifetime. The mental and physical tax of never fully coming down from our fight or flight response has left us with high levels of cortisol, anxiety, mental fog, depression and the feeling of being lost. (Read this really great article by UC Health on Fight or Flight during Covid-19)

We cannot change our external circumstances of this pandemic, no matter how you feel or what you believe about it. But what we can change is how we fuel our bodies in order to respond in the most efficient way possible. And diet is a skeleton key for that.

At the restaurant we serve top quality, clean food. That means we use organic local ingredients, raw dairy, pasture raised meats and eggs. I would venture to say we pay more attention to intentional sourcing than any other restaurant I have been to. Our menu supports people who have a clean lifestyle and want to go out to eat somewhere they can trust the food sourcing. However, we understand how important this is because I strive to live a clean food lifestyle and I know that dining out should only be a small portion of what I put into my body. 

Our market is the heart of our business. The kitchen is just a way to showcase it.

Did you know that we order from nearly 50 local food vendors? Small batch, intentionally grown or made, pasture raised, real food. When you shop with us your food will fuel you, our products won’t bring chemicals into your home, you lower your carbon footprint and you’re supporting humanely raised animals that were not raised in feedlots.

When the shutdowns began in March we launched our Pantry boxes. They include seasonal produce grown within 20 miles of Dixon, and a week’s worth of meats and grains to complete your meals all for $100 delivered to your order. These boxes are intentionally packaged to create awesome family meals and they quickly became our biggest selling item since!

A sample of what the box includes: 

2 – 1.5lb packs of Mary’s Chicken

1lb grassfed ground beef

Pasture Raised Bacon

Loaf of bread

Chico rice or Organic pasta

Petaluma creamery cheese

Pasture Raised Eggs

Eatwell Salt or other seasoning option

Tons of organic produce

Food allergies in the house? That’s okay! We have options to choose gluten free, vegetarian, vegan (swaps meats for local tofu, beans, local almond cheese and other proteins). Mark other allergies so we make sure to steer clear of them too!

Add on anything else from our website to be delivered with your order. Signup weekly or prepay for four weeks and get a free gift with your first delivery. Click here to order

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