the barn and pantry California

Dixon, CA

Espresso bar features Direct and Fair Trade beans roasted by Mast Coffee Co.

What sets us apart.

All of our drinks are individually crafted with organic, whole real ingredients including:

  • Organic Straus barista blend milk
  • Grass-fed Raw Farm raw milk standard
  • House-made vanilla bean and lavender syrups made with organic cane or coconut sugars
  • Mocha and hot cocoa made with award winning sourced real chocolate made by Coracocoa chocolate roasters
  • Loose leaf blends and single origin teas by Bontanik in Davis where the owner sources the highest quality, ethically farmed organic herbs in the world.
  • Pastries are house and locally made, fermented dough croissants, made with cultured raw butter and all organic ingredients, as well as, fermented wild yeast bagels
  • Kitchen Chef Hank Guererro cooks up upgraded comfort food for dinner three nights per week using seasonal, local ingredients. His style blends his Mexican heritage with farm to fork American using all local, seasonal ingredients and pasture raised meats on a weekly rotating menu.

Breakfast and Brunch served everyday until dinner.

All day Brunch and Lunch Menus

the barn and pantry California