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Check out these farms we love and carry in our Pantry.

Eatwell Farm: This weekly CSA in Dixon will help you feed your family all organic, locally grown seasonal produce all year long. If you’re new to Eatwell, make sure to use the promo code HICKMAN15 because our members get 15% off their first order! Check out my blog posts for ways to use your whole box to feed a family of 4 for dinner all week long with only the addition of high quality meat.

Organic Pastures: Is a family owned and operated 100% grass fed grade A raw milk dairy. Enjoy the most pure, clean raw milk available on the market- it is as close as you can get to owning your own cow. The Duivenvoordens consider their livestock part of the family, every cow has a name!

Terra Firma Farm is located in beautiful Winters, California, one of the oldest fruit and vegetable growing regions in Northern California. Terra Firma has over 15 years experience producing high quality organic fruit and vegetables for its Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA).  At most times of year, we are harvesting and packing a wide variety of seasonably available items from our fields

Lockewood Acres: Alongside their seasonal CSA in Vacaville, Lockewood Acres offers hands on family fun with gatherings for pomegranate, pumpkin and olive harvesting! You can enjoy their abundance of produce available spring, summer and fall.

The Cloverleaf Farm is a five acre orchard and farm outside of Davis, California, bursting with peaches, nectarines, apricots and figs. Emma Torbert and Katie Fyhrie lease the orchard from The Collins Farm and co-manage the Collins Community Farmstand. The community farmstand, directly off of I-80 West at the Kidwell Exit.

Araceli Farms is located on the outskirts of Dixon, CA. The family has owned the property for about 20 years but just now began our journey in farming it themselves. After years of city living we are ready to build and share our farm, which led them to plant their first crop of lavender in April of 2017. To combat daily exposure to chemicals and toxins, the are going to a back to basics mantra “less is more.” Araceli is are committed to providing pure products — ones you can pronounce and recognize; and they source all of their raw materials and plants from people we know, love, and trust.

Erickson Ranch’s roots began in Italy in the early 1900’s.  Born in 1888, Augusto Toselli immigrated to Suisun Valley by way of San Francisco as a young man on a quest for adventure, and a new life. Now in its third generation, Ray and Victoria Erickson are carrying on the Erickson Ranch farming traditions. With the increasing demand for authentic, fresh, and locally grown produce, they definitely fit the bill. The ranch is very authentic; and without a doubt, local. According to Victoria, “We grow what we sell and can, which certainly guarantees that our produce is picked at its peak ripeness. This ensures the best possible flavors.”

Petaluma Creamery/Spring Hill Cheese Company is certified organic dairy and their cows are on pasture year-around. Their hardy Jersey cows are smaller and their lower milk volumes are higher in protein and butterfat than their Holstein cousins. Their grazing is managed, rotated for longer growing seasons. During the winter months, they are supplemented with farm-grown silage: a mixture of red & white oats, bell beans, rye grass and fava beans.  On their organic farm they employ sustainable practices and the kind respectful treatment of animals. Their cows are never fed any GMO feeds, antibiotics, or bovine growth hormones.

“If you don’t have farmers, you don’t have food. It’s not about making money with the creamery. It’s about keeping agriculture alive.” Owner — Larry Peter

Mast Coffee Mid 2012, co-founders Michael Sanchez & Stephen Mentze began Mast Coffee Co. The dream was to offer an extraordinary customer experience alongside phenomenal coffees, while developing true relationships with purveyors and customers alike. Today, through hard work and innumerable blessing, Mast has grown into an award winning coffee provider that reaches a global customer base. Four ideas have stayed true and constant through their growth and allowed them to succeed in this growing and competitive industry: Curiosity, Innovation, Collaboration, and Experience.

Nut N’ Other

Central Milling

Struas Family Creamery

Sonoma Harvest

AzureStandard.com: This is a phenomenal online grocery store with monthly drop off deliveries to central locations all around the area. They carry fantastic deals on organic and non-GMO grains, pantry goods, and cheese (Grazers Raw and Organic Valley are my go to blocks).

our farmers