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Items we suggest you have in your home for a homestead style life:

Our mission at The Barn & Pantry is to be your one stop shop for ALL LOCAL ORGANIC produce, meat, raw dairy, fermented foods, free range eggs from hens fed no corn or soy, holistic health and body care.

Along with helping you consolidate all of your farm direct pickups, we have seen a desire in our community to bring homesteading traditions back in a communal way. To help that along, we are offering what we like to call Homestead Education Classes, and they include anything from cheese making, sourdough, sewing, culturing, fermenting, children’s learning and much more.

Class schedules will include:

  • Preserving What’s In Season
  • Sourdough and Butter Making
  • Home and Body Care
  • Homesteading Skills
  • Children’s Class

Tell us what classes you would like to see — Contact us here!

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